The Greatest Story Never Told is one of the most fun projects in my portfolio. I’ve been collaborating with children’s theater visionary and Second City faculty, Andrew Ritter for years. We’ve worked on experimental stories, musical scores and design concepts for interactive experiences with the uber talented illustrator, Rob Patterson since 2010. Finally in March (2014), The Greatest Story Never Told opened at Theater Wit. Technofisch branded it, then each week improv actors invited audience participation–either as plot suggestions or even to join the cast on stage, all the while writers and illustrators (including yours truly) captured the story as it unfolded. We produced a book for each week’s performance–11 weeks’ worth of digital and print editions (for sale in the ecommerce shop by Technofisch) all credited to the cast, crew and audience… how many new authors emerged from this series? LOTS.

Greatest Story Never Told

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